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Toilet Seat and Bolts 7GR

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Works for: MOTB7GR
Color: Gray

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BEFORE YOU ORDER, Make sure that you are looking for the MOTB7 toilet seat. Please be aware this is not compatible with other toilets.

QUIET-CLOSE prevents loud slamming, cracked toilets and pinched fingers. Tap forward and watch the seat and/or cover close quietly by themselves. Ideal for kids or adults with lower back pain because the user doesn’t have to stoop or bend to lower the seat.

EASY TO CLEAN 1-button Quick Release enables you to instantly remove the seat and thoroughly clean your toilet, including the nasty area between the mounting post where urine, grime and odor-causing germs collect. Helps keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

What's included?

  • Toilet seat

  • Bolts and nuts

  • Toilet not included