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Wall Hung Mounting Kit

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The product is 2PC Wall Hang Bracket.

For use with select Fine Fixtures pedestal/wall hung sinks

Fits for: MI2319W/ WH1711/ WH1810/ WH1811/ WH1415/ WH1211/ PR2017W / PR2218W

Easy and simple use kit

1. Locate proper position for pedestal Lavatory. Make sure that you have access to all plumbing and drain fittings, door clearance, and any other obstructions.

2. Place the pedestal basin on the pedestal leg and move into the desired position against the wall. Make sure that the pedestal basin is leveled on the pedestal leg. With a pencil, make the location of the pedestal basin support holes on the wall.

3. On marked location on the wall, drill holes with a 5/8” drill bit if the basin will not be installed onto a stud. If the basin will be installed onto a stud, then drill holes with a 1/8” drill bit.

4. Carefully remove the pedestal basin from the pedestal leg and install the faucet and pop-up assembly as per manufacturer’s installation instructions.

5. If installing directly onto the wall without a stud, use the plastic shield. Install the shields into the pre-drill holes. Place the plastic washer and the hex nut loosely on the end of the bolt. Then place the pedestal basin on the pedestal leg. Then place the complete unit into the desired position on the wall at the same time insert the bolt in the plastic shield. Or If installing directly onto a stud, use the bolts directly. Place the pedestal basin on the pedestal leg. Then place the complete unit in the desired position on the wall. Place the plastic washer and hex nut and, at the same time fastening the pedestal basin directly onto the stud by crewing the bolt into the stud.

6. Apply neat bed of bathroom silicone between the basin and the wall and where the pedestal basin connects onto the pedestal leg.

7. Tighten hex nut until the pedestal basin is snug against the wall. CAUTION: Do not over tighten as this could break the porcelain.

Assembly Instructions